Download Rush's Releases!

And Don't Forget to visit our channel on IRC: #Rush @!
 We always release 1 day sooner on IRC! x)
 note: to get a file from one of a bot.. just type /msg <bot-name> xdcc list
         once you got the packlist, to get a file, you have to type /msg <bot-name> xdcc get #<number of the pack you want>
         by the way.. the < > are not to be typed xD

                  OP 404     OP 405    OP 409      OP 410      OP 411     OP 412     OP 413      OP 414     OP 415      OP 416     OP 417

                  OP 418     OP 419      OP 420     OP 421     OP 422     OP 423     OP 424      

              Satan 28       Satan 29       Satan 30     Satan 31        Satan 32 (soon..?)



note: Thanks for One Piece EAST BLUE for the wonderfull One Piece icone they've made! Be sure to check this site out! they have tons of One Piece Stuff :) (btw.. it's in french x)